Are you a Truth Seeker? Are you ready to embark on a journey that will be full of controversial subjects, a maze of conflicting theories and personal opinions regarding God, Science, Spirituality, Religion, the History  of Humankind, Aliens, and Parallel Universes and mutidinensions of the  universes? Are you open to the unexpected and hidden truths? Are you ready for the impossible to become  part of reality?  If your answer is yes, forget everything you have been told and taught and get ready for the Journey of Truth. There’s a few things that I ask while you are participating in the path to enlightenment and ascension to 5D, and that is to question everything, search for your own answers, search for supporting evidence, think independently, and listen to your intuition and follow the guidance you receive. Oh, and pass it all forward! Don’t forget to share or teach what you learn.

Please choose a Link to begin Exploring and Learning. I ask you to allow the Divine Source & Spirit to guide you towards that which serves you and the will of the divine.  You do that by following your intuition and being aware of synchronicities.

Click Here for information on what intuition is and how to follow it. Click here for information regarding synchronicity.

Get Familiar with New Age Lingo. Get to know the Top 25 Terms

The most used terms in relation to spiritual awakenings, the evolution of the soul, human existence and the history of Earth and Humankind.  From the beginining of your souls existence, the Zodiacal Wheel, to the evolution of your soul,  you’ll learn the essential terms you will encounter on your journey to enlightenment and oneness. As always if you have a contribution you wish to share please submit it by filling out the comment box on the contact us page.

The Natal Chart is a Map you Created to Help Guide you through this lifetime with the assistance of Divine Source, Your Soul Family 

As a Soul we have experienced many lifetimes and each lifetime has different experiences, teaches us different lessons,  and assists us in reaching our ultimate goal of giving and receiving unconditional love, becoming aware of and creating the collective consciousness and reaching the highest level of soul growth to become one with christ consciousness. There are many tools created to help guide us along our journey. The two most widely used tool are Astrology and Numerology. These are the systems in place that provide you with a Map of you current life. When accurately obtained and properly followed you so so many people  will feel at peace with the path you are on and receive abundance from spirit, your higher self, and the Divine Source of Creation.

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So, You are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, Now What?

  • What is a Spiritual Awakening?

  • You are not Crazy and You are Not Alone

  • Signs & Symptoms?

  • Stages of Awakening

Soul Family, Soul Mates & Twin Flames 

  • Astrology of Twin Flames, Soulmates  & Soulmates Family 

New and Ongoing Investigations 

  • CERN

  • The Mandela Effect

  • Nibiru

  • Russian Conflict

  • Twin Flame Union & Energetic Influences

  • Crystal, Rainbow, & Indigo Information

  •  Ascension: From 3D to 5D

  • The Truth about Aliens, E.T.’s, and other life forms existing within the Universe

  • The Truth about Human History

  • The Power to Create our own Reality

  • Empath Empowerment

  • Partial Disclosure

The Universe Unveiled

  • All that Makes up our Galaxy and Beyond and Movement of our Universe

  • The Existence of Parallel Universes

  • Alternate Realities

  • Uncovering the Existence of other Galaxies


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